2020-2021 School Calendar

           School Hours:      Monday-Thursday 8:00 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.             

            August 2                  Registration

            August 24                First Day of School (Including Kindergarten)

            September 7            Labor Day – No School

SeS      September 7-11.      Grades 9-12 Outdoor School w/MEA

            September 14-16     MAP Testing

            October 9                 Community Service – School Day

            October 15-16          State Teacher Meetings – No School

            October 19-22          Grades 5-6 Outdoor School

            October 23               End of 1st Quarter 

            November 2             Thanksgiving Vacation- No School

            December 11            Ice Skating- School day 

            Dec 21– Jan 3           Christmas Vacation- No School

            January 8                  Ski at Blacktail Mtn. – School Day

            January 22                Ski at Blacktail Mtn. – School Day

            January 15                End of 2nd Quarter 

            January 18-20           MAP Testing

            February 5                Ski at Blacktail Mtn. – School Day

            February 14-16         Grades 7-12 Ski the Summit 

            February 15              Presidents' Day- No School

            February 19              Ski at Blacktail Mtn. – School Day

            March 19                  End of 3rd Quarter

            March 22-25             Spring Break- No School

            May 3-5                    Ed Fest Grades 5-8 (Grades 1-4 No School) Grades 9-12 School

            May 10-12                MAP Testing

            May 26                     8th Grade Graduation

            May 27                     Last Day of School, End of 4th Quarter

            May 28                     End of 4th Quarter

Note: This is a proposed calendar, pending approval by the superintendent. Social events will be added, such as swim lessons, ski lessons, field trips, music performances, Christmas program, community service projects, etc.